share your dream dress with a new bride!

We are so excited you are considering consigning your wedding dress with us! At Something Bridal, we believe dreams should be shared and you will be doing exactly that by consigning your dress for another bride to love.

The process of consignment is really very simple: bring us your dress and let its beauty sell itself!

Okay, okay. Maybe not that easy, but really close.

To consign your dress, we require a few simple things:

  • It must have been purchased within the last 3 years
  • It must be an approved designer
  • It must be professionally cleaned and free of any damage or stains

Once you determine that your dress meets the criteria above, the process goes smoothly:

  • Click the link below that says “I’m ready to consign my dress!
  • Fill out the form and upload pictures of the dress
  • Wait for one of our bridal consultants to reach out to you with a suggested sale price
  • Once we agree on a sale price, make an appointment to bring in your dress and sign your consignor agreement
  • Let us take it from there!

 No, we’re not kidding. It really is THAT simple.

There are a few important things to know about consigning your dress with Something Bridal:

  • Your consignment period is six months from the date your drop it off
  • If your dress sells within your consignment period:
    • You will receive 40% of the sale price
    • You will receive your check in the month following the sale
    • You will make another bride VERY happy
  • If your dress does not sell within your consignment period:
    • Something Bridal may extend your consignment period with a price improvement
    • If not extended, you will pick up your dress within 30 days
  • So many brides will love your dress and they will all want to try it on (because it’s amazing like you, duh!), so please expect light wear and tear to your dress through the process
    • We do our very best to keep our gowns in excellent condition, but sometimes we can’t prevent everything.

We are so excited to share your love with a new bride through consignment. Click the link below if you are ready!

 I'm ready to consign my dress!